Application of manure on arable farmland with the heavy tractor works at the field in Germany

Agriculture industry

Mostly known as the industry which started at first. Since centuries ago people across the globe have practiced agriculture and making tools and accesories for their needs to provide food.

Agriculture still today provides people’s way of life and survival. With drasticaly increasing need for food also the research and development went so far that agriculture industry is one of the biggest and constant industry at the world

A nuclear power plant with night blue sky.

Nuclear industry

The first comercial nuclear plant started to produce electricity in 1950′s.Nuclear power plants provides around 10% of  world’s electricity by about 445 nuclear power reactors.

This kind of industry is the world’s second largest source of low-carbon power (29% of the total in 2018). Many special castings are needed to provide safe and continously production of electricity.

equipment Paper Machine Shafts At Paper Mill. equipment Paper Machine Shafts At Paper Mill.

Pulp and paper industry

Basicaly this sort of industry comprises production where wood is use as raw material to produce pulp and paper.

Even though the trend for using paper is decreasing, machines and processes need to be more efficient and productive what can be achieved by special castings with surgical accuracy of dimensions.

Recycling eco concept with cardboard recycle sign, copy space

Recycling industry

This kind of industry is involved in all other industries due to environmental awareness. All kind of by-products and waste materials goes through the recycling process where materials can be used once again or converted into other products, materials and objects.

Recyclable materials include many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, tires textiles, batteries, electronics, etc. Each of this materials or material groups needs specific requrements for casting products.

closeup of the dam in hydroelectric station, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, China.

Hydro industry

Hydropower relies on the endless, constantly recharging system of the water cycle to produce electricity. Water is used as a fuel which is not reduced in the process. This kind of electricity production presents 70% of all renevable electricity.

The potential for hydropower is much greater than is production right now. Special stainless steel castings provides that such green industry for electricity production works constantly with high efficiency.

Mineral Wood Insulator Installation Inside Wooden Wall Elements to Keep Heat Inside the Building. Contractor Placing Piece of Insulator. Construction Industry Theme.

Glass-wool industry

Natural glas was firstly used by humans in the stone age, the proces of glassmaking started around 6000 years ago.

Today glass is mostly known by use in windovs and bottles. Small part of glass is used for insulation products where very long and thin threads are made through the wear resistant castings.

In similar way the wool for insulation is made, production have with big difference in the use of higher wear resistant materials, usually based on cobalt basis.

A stopping yellow excavator at an incredibly beautiful sunset

Mining industry

All human civilisation can not imagine evolution, development and industrial revolution without mining. First mines and tools were primitive, during centuries, shapes, material and process developed to completed high technological industry.

Today we can not imagine steel, electricity, automotive etc. industries without mining where all row materials comes from open or underground mines.

Professional meat cutting machine in food industry

Food industry

With global growth of population this kind of industry has drastically increased due to food consumption. Different kinds of food and the way of their preparation lead food industry to produce many different tools, devices and accessories.

New machines demands higher production what can be achieved with bigger parts and longer life time of parts which are made from special stainless steel castings.

dredge boat in the fog in winter

Dredging industry

With increasing of the sea level, bigger container ships and increasing the capacity of ports dredging industry plays a big role to satisfy such demands.

More powerful dredging ships need to have special castings with better properties to achieve longer dredging cycle times.


Chemical and Petrochemical industry

Chemical industry can be easily described as the industry which produce chemicals and uses chemistry. Basicaly petrochemical industry produces organic intermediate products such as products from rafineries, plastic, rubber, fiber raw materials, natural gas etc.

All this very aggressive medias requires special stainles steel castings which have very high level of chemical resistance.